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Quarter 1: Introduction to Computers - Understanding the basics of computers and their components - Introduction to computer hardware and software - Learning how to turn on/off a computer and use a mouse and keyboard - Introduction to different types of software applications (word processing, drawing, etc.) - Basic understanding of computer networks and the internet

Quarter 2: Coding Basics - Introduction to coding and its importance in computer science - Learning the basics of algorithms and problem-solving - Introduction to block-based coding languages (e.g., Scratch) - Creating simple programs and animations using block-based coding - Understanding the concept of loops and conditional statements in coding

Quarter 3: Web Development - Introduction to web development and its components (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) - Learning the basics of HTML and creating simple web pages - Understanding CSS and how to style web pages - Introduction to JavaScript and its role in web development - Creating interactive web pages using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Quarter 4: Digital Citizenship and Online Safety - Understanding the importance of digital citizenship and responsible online behavior - Learning about online safety and privacy measures - Identifying and avoiding online threats (e.g., cyberbullying, phishing) - Understanding the impact of online actions and the concept of digital footprints - Learning how to protect personal information online

Quarter 5: Introduction to Robotics - Understanding the basics of robotics and its applications - Introduction to different types of robots and their functions - Learning how to program robots using block-based coding - Building and programming simple robots to perform specific tasks - Understanding the role of sensors and actuators in robotics

Quarter 6: Game Development - Introduction to game development and its components - Learning the basics of game design and storytelling - Introduction to game development platforms (e.g., Unity, Scratch) - Creating simple games using block-based coding or game development software - Understanding the importance of user experience and playtesting in game development

Quarter 7: Data and Information - Introduction to data and its importance in computer science - Understanding different types of data (text, images, numbers, etc.) - Learning how to organize and analyze data using spreadsheets - Introduction to data visualization and creating charts/graphs - Understanding the concept of databases and their role in storing and retrieving information

Quarter 8: Cybersecurity and Encryption - Introduction to cybersecurity and its importance in the digital world - Understanding different types of cyber threats (viruses, malware, hacking) - Learning about encryption and its role in protecting data - Introduction to cybersecurity best practices (strong passwords, software updates, etc.) - Understanding the ethical implications of cybersecurity and responsible hacking

Quarter 9: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - Introduction to artificial intelligence and machine learning - Understanding the basics of machine learning algorithms - Learning about different applications of AI in everyday life (voice assistants, recommendation systems, etc.) - Introduction to programming AI models using block-based coding or AI development platforms - Understanding the ethical considerations and limitations of AI technology