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Quarter Plan: Introduction to Computer Science for Elementary Children

Week 1: Introduction to Computers - Understanding what a computer is and its basic components - Differentiating between hardware and software - Exploring the different types of computers (desktop, laptop, tablet, etc.) - Engaging in hands-on activities to identify computer parts

Week 2: Introduction to Coding - Introducing the concept of coding and its importance in computer science - Learning about algorithms and how they are used in coding - Engaging in unplugged coding activities to understand sequencing and logic - Introducing block-based coding platforms like Scratch Jr. or Code.org’s Play Lab

Week 3: Exploring Computational Thinking - Understanding the concept of computational thinking and its problem-solving approach - Identifying and practicing computational thinking skills (decomposition, pattern recognition, abstraction, and algorithmic thinking) - Engaging in activities that promote computational thinking, such as puzzles and logic games

Week 4: Introduction to Robotics - Introducing the concept of robotics and its applications in various fields - Learning about different types of robots and their functions - Engaging in hands-on activities with programmable robots (e.g., Bee-Bot, Dash and Dot, LEGO Mindstorms) - Collaborating in teams to solve challenges using robots

Week 5: Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship - Understanding the importance of internet safety and responsible online behavior - Learning about personal information and the importance of keeping it private - Discussing cyberbullying and strategies to prevent and respond to it - Engaging in interactive activities to reinforce internet safety and digital citizenship concepts

Week 6: Introduction to Web Design - Introducing the basics of web design and its components (HTML, CSS) - Learning about the structure of a webpage and how to create simple web pages - Engaging in hands-on activities to design and customize web pages using online tools like Wix or Google Sites

Week 7: Introduction to Data and Information - Understanding the difference between data and information - Learning about different types of data (text, images, numbers) and their representation in computers - Engaging in activities to collect, organize, and analyze data using spreadsheets or graphing tools

Week 8: Wrap-up and Project Showcase - Reviewing key concepts learned throughout the quarter - Collaborating in groups to create a final project showcasing their understanding of computer science concepts (e.g., coding a game, designing a website, creating a robot) - Presenting and sharing their projects with classmates and parents during a showcase event