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Quarter Plan: Introduction to Computer Science for Middle School Children

Week 1: Introduction to Computer Science - Understanding the basics of computer science and its importance in today’s world - Exploring different career opportunities in computer science - Introduction to coding languages and their applications

Week 2: Scratch Programming - Introduction to Scratch, a visual programming language - Learning how to create simple animations and games using Scratch - Understanding the concepts of loops, conditionals, and variables in Scratch

Week 3: Web Development Basics - Introduction to HTML and CSS - Creating a simple webpage using HTML tags and CSS styling - Understanding the structure and design principles of a website

Week 4: Cybersecurity and Internet Safety - Understanding the importance of cybersecurity and protecting personal information online - Learning about common online threats and how to stay safe while using the internet - Introduction to password security and safe browsing practices

Week 5: Introduction to Robotics - Exploring the basics of robotics and its applications in various fields - Learning how to program a simple robot using block-based programming - Understanding the components and sensors used in robotics

Week 6: Introduction to Python Programming - Introduction to Python, a popular programming language - Learning the basics of Python syntax and data types - Writing simple programs and solving basic coding problems using Python

Week 7: Game Development with Unity - Introduction to Unity, a game development platform - Learning the basics of game design and development using Unity - Creating a simple 2D game and understanding game mechanics

Week 8: Final Project - Applying the knowledge gained throughout the quarter to create a final project - Students will have the freedom to choose a topic of interest and create a program or game using the skills learned - Presenting and showcasing their final projects to the class

Note: This quarter plan is a general outline and can be adjusted based on the specific needs and abilities of the middle school children.