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Quarter Plan Contents for Primary 1 Children on Computer Science:

Quarter 1: Introduction to Computers and Basic Skills

  1. Introduction to Computers:
    • What is a computer?
    • Parts of a computer (monitor, keyboard, mouse, CPU)
    • Different types of computers (desktop, laptop, tablet)
  2. Basic Computer Skills:
    • Turning on/off the computer
    • Using the mouse and keyboard
    • Navigating the desktop and opening applications
  3. Introduction to Operating Systems:
    • Understanding the concept of an operating system
    • Introduction to popular operating systems (Windows, macOS, Chrome OS)
  4. Internet Safety:
    • Importance of online safety
    • Basic rules for safe internet usage
    • Identifying and avoiding online dangers

Quarter 2: Introduction to Coding and Computational Thinking

  1. Introduction to Coding:
    • What is coding?
    • Basic coding concepts (commands, sequences, loops)
    • Introduction to visual programming languages (Scratch, Blockly)
  2. Computational Thinking:
    • Understanding the problem-solving process
    • Breaking down problems into smaller steps
    • Logical reasoning and critical thinking skills
  3. Coding Activities:
    • Creating simple animations using Scratch
    • Solving puzzles and challenges using coding concepts
    • Collaborative coding projects with classmates
  4. Introduction to Robotics:
    • Understanding the basics of robotics
    • Exploring simple robots and their functions
    • Hands-on activities with programmable robots (e.g., Bee-Bot)

Quarter 3: Digital Citizenship and Multimedia Skills

  1. Digital Citizenship:
    • Responsible online behavior
    • Cyberbullying awareness and prevention
    • Protecting personal information online
  2. Introduction to Multimedia:
    • Understanding different types of multimedia (images, videos, audio)
    • Basic image editing skills using online tools
    • Creating simple presentations using multimedia elements
  3. Introduction to Word Processing:
    • Basic word processing skills (typing, formatting, saving)
    • Creating simple documents (letters, stories, etc.)
    • Introduction to popular word processing software (Microsoft Word, Google Docs)
  4. Introduction to Digital Art:
    • Exploring digital art tools and software
    • Creating simple digital artwork using drawing applications
    • Understanding the concept of layers and basic editing techniques

Quarter 4: Introduction to Data and Information

  1. Introduction to Data:
    • Understanding what data is
    • Different types of data (text, numbers, images)
    • Collecting and organizing data
  2. Introduction to Spreadsheets:
    • Basic spreadsheet skills (entering data, formatting cells)
    • Creating simple tables and charts
    • Introduction to popular spreadsheet software (Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets)
  3. Introduction to Information Systems:
    • Understanding the concept of information systems
    • Exploring different types of information systems (databases, search engines)
    • Conducting simple online research
  4. Review and Project Showcase:
    • Reviewing key concepts learned throughout the quarter
    • Showcasing individual or group projects to parents and classmates
    • Reflecting on the learning journey and setting goals for future computer science exploration.