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Quarter Plan Contents for Primary 2 Children on Computer Science:

Quarter 1: Introduction to Computers and Basic Skills

  1. Introduction to Computers:
    • What is a computer?
    • Different types of computers (desktop, laptop, tablet, etc.)
    • Parts of a computer (monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc.)
  2. Basic Computer Skills:
    • Turning on/off the computer
    • Using the mouse and keyboard
    • Navigating the desktop and opening applications
  3. Introduction to Operating Systems:
    • Understanding the concept of an operating system
    • Exploring different operating systems (Windows, macOS, etc.)
    • Basic functions of an operating system (opening files, saving, etc.)
  4. Internet Safety:
    • Importance of online safety
    • Identifying safe websites and avoiding harmful content
    • Basic rules for online behavior and privacy

Quarter 2: Introduction to Coding and Computational Thinking

  1. Introduction to Coding:
    • What is coding?
    • Understanding the concept of programming languages
    • Basic coding terminology (commands, variables, loops, etc.)
  2. Block-Based Coding:
    • Introduction to block-based coding platforms (Scratch, Blockly, etc.)
    • Creating simple programs using blocks
    • Understanding sequencing and logical thinking in coding
  3. Computational Thinking:
    • Introduction to computational thinking concepts (decomposition, pattern recognition, etc.)
    • Solving simple problems using computational thinking strategies
    • Applying computational thinking in everyday life
  4. Introduction to Robotics:
    • Understanding the basics of robotics
    • Exploring different types of robots
    • Basic programming of robots using block-based coding

Quarter 3: Digital Citizenship and Multimedia Skills

  1. Digital Citizenship:
    • Understanding the importance of responsible digital behavior
    • Online etiquette and netiquette
    • Cyberbullying awareness and prevention
  2. Introduction to Multimedia:
    • Exploring different types of multimedia (images, videos, audio, etc.)
    • Basic skills for creating and editing multimedia content
    • Understanding copyright and fair use of multimedia
  3. Introduction to Presentation Tools:
    • Using presentation software (PowerPoint, Google Slides, etc.)
    • Creating simple presentations with text, images, and transitions
    • Presenting information effectively using multimedia elements
  4. Introduction to Graphic Design:
    • Basic principles of graphic design (color, layout, typography, etc.)
    • Creating simple graphics using online tools or software
    • Applying graphic design skills in various projects

Quarter 4: Introduction to Data and Information Security

  1. Introduction to Data:
    • Understanding the concept of data and its importance
    • Different types of data (text, numbers, images, etc.)
    • Collecting and organizing data using spreadsheets
  2. Introduction to Data Security:
    • Importance of data security and privacy
    • Basic measures to protect personal information online
    • Identifying and avoiding online scams and phishing attempts
  3. Introduction to Passwords and Online Accounts:
    • Creating strong passwords and managing online accounts
    • Understanding the risks of sharing passwords
    • Importance of regularly updating passwords
  4. Introduction to Cybersecurity:
    • Basic concepts of cybersecurity (viruses, malware, etc.)
    • Identifying and avoiding online threats
    • Basic measures to protect devices and data from cyber attacks