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1. Introduction to Badminton: Discuss the basics of badminton including rules and regulations, as well as review the necessary equipment needed for the sport.

2. Footwork: Spend time discussing and practicing the fundamental footwork for badminton: transferring weight, split-steps and side to side movement.

3. Grips: Teaching how to hold the racket correctly including forehand, backhand, and neutral grip.

4. Forehand Clear: Learn how to hit the shuttlecock with a proper technique for the forehand clear.

5. Backhand Clear: Teach how to use proper technique when hitting the shuttlecock with a backhand clear.

6. Drop Shots: Teach how to hit the shuttlecock low over the net with a deep clearing technique.

7. Smashes: Teach how to use shoulder, arm and wrist movements to maximize power and accuracy of the smash.

8. Serves: Practice the different service techniques including overhand and underhand serve.

9. Strategy: Spend time discussing strategy and shot selection in the game of badminton.

10. Doubles: Work on doubles strategy, play games and practice drills to ensure understanding.