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Lesson Plan: Understanding Percentages

Grade Level: 7th Grade

Objective: Students will be able to understand and apply the concept of percentages in real-world situations.

- Whiteboard and markers
- Handouts with percentage problems
- Calculators

Introduction (10 minutes):
- Begin by asking students if they have ever heard of the term "percent" and what it means.
- Explain that percentages are a way of expressing a part of a whole as a fraction of 100.
- Give examples of percentages in everyday life, such as sales tax, discounts, and grades.

Direct Instruction (20 minutes):
- Write the following formula on the board: part/whole x 100 = percentage
- Explain that this formula can be used to find any of the three values if the other two are known.
- Give examples of how to use the formula, such as finding the percentage of correct answers on a test or the amount of discount on a sale item.

Guided Practice (15 minutes):
- Hand out the percentage problems worksheet and have students work in pairs to solve them.
- Walk around the room to answer any questions and provide assistance as needed.

Independent Practice (15 minutes):
- Have students work individually to create their own percentage problems and solve them.
- Collect the problems and review them to ensure understanding.

Closure (5 minutes):
- Review the formula and examples of percentages in everyday life.
- Ask students to share any real-world situations where they have encountered percentages.
- Remind students that understanding percentages is an important skill for many future careers.

- The percentage problems worksheet and the student-created problems will be collected and graded for accuracy and understanding.