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Lesson Plan:

Topic: Theosophy from the Book “Ageless Wisdom” by Vicente Hao Chin

Objective: At the end of the lesson, students will be able to explain and discuss the concept of theosophy, as outlined in the book by Vicente Hao Chin.

Time Frame: This lesson plan will be conducted over a period of 30-45 minutes.

Materials: - Copy of the book “Ageless Wisdom” by Vicente Hao Chin - Pens and paper - Chalkboard or whiteboard


  1. Introduction (7 minutes) - Introduce the class to the topic of theosophy and its usage in the book “Ageless Wisdom” by Vicente Hao Chin. - Outline the main concepts and ideas of theosophy that are presented in the book. - Divide students into small groups of 4-5 students the purpose of discussion.

  2. Activity (15 minutes) - Provide each group with a copy of the book and have them read the sections that explain theosophy. - Ask the students to identify key terms and concepts related to theosophy as found in the book. - Have the groups discuss and share their findings with each other.

  3. Discussion (13 minutes) - Ask the groups to come up with questions about theosophy and its usage in the book to discuss as a whole class. - Discuss the questions as a whole class and have the students assess and evaluate the theosophical concepts outlined in the book.

  4. Assessment (5 minutes) - Ask the students to take a few minutes to reflect on what they have learned in today’s lesson and write a short essay that summarizes their understanding of theosophy. - Encourage the students to share their essays with the class.

Conclusion: To conclude the lesson, ask the students to reflect on the key concepts and ideas that they have learned from the lesson. Remind them to review their notes and readings from today’s lesson so that they have a better understanding of theosophy.