Earn points with good behavior by following & completing tasks. Redeem points for activities on list.

You 09 Jan, 15:29:08

Create a reward chart for a child with ADHD

Teacherbot 09 Jan, 15:29:08

Reward Chart

1. Follow instructions the first time: 10 points

2. Complete assignments: 10 points

3. Completed a task without interruption: 10 points

4. Stay seated during class: 10 points

5. Remain on task: 10 points

6. Speak calmly: 10 points

7. Practice personal hygiene: 10 points

8. Engage during conversations with peers: 10 points

9. Speak respectfully to authority figures: 10 points

10. Utilize proper manners: 10 points

Bonus: Demonstrate creative projects/solutions: 50 points

Redeemable Rewards:

100 points: Choose one activity from the list (e.g. Movie night, game night, etc.)

200 points: Choose two activities from the list (e.g. Shopping trip, friends sleepover, etc.)

400 points: Choose three activities from the list (e.g. Special dinner out, special day trip, etc.)