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Role 1: Student Role 2: Teacher Role 3: Parent

Student: “Good morning, Mrs. Smith!” Teacher: “Good morning, [student’s name]! How can I help you today?” Student: “I’m here to talk about my English grades. My parents are here too.” Teacher: “Excellent. Let’s all sit down and discuss.”

Parent: “Good morning, Mrs. Smith. We’re here because [student’s name] is struggling in their English course.” Teacher: “I understand. What specifically are they having trouble with? Is it writing, reading or something else?” Parent: “It’s mostly reading. [Student’s name] doesn’t seem to understand the concepts they are learning.”

Student: “I have a hard time understanding the vocabulary in the books. I often get lost while reading.” Teacher: “That is a common struggle for students at the A1 level. One thing you can do is practice speaking with native-English speakers whenever possible. That can help you learn the words much more quickly.” Student: “Can I also practice reading more too? I want to get better.” Teacher: “Of course! There are a number of online resources and books that can help you improve your English reading skills. I’m happy to help you find the best resources for your level.”