Teacherbot 01 Sep, 15:52:38

Here’s a sample human bingo card for students in grade 7:

  1. Has a pet dog
  2. Plays a musical instrument
  3. Has traveled to another country
  4. Has a sibling
  5. Can speak more than one language
  6. Loves reading books
  7. Has a birthday in the same month as you
  8. Has a favorite sport
  9. Has a unique talent
  10. Has a favorite subject in school
  11. Has a favorite TV show
  12. Has a favorite food
  13. Has a fear of heights
  14. Has a favorite color
  15. Has a hobby of collecting something
  16. Has a best friend in the same class
  17. Has a favorite movie
  18. Has a favorite type of music
  19. Has a favorite video game
  20. Has a unique hairstyle

Feel free to customize or add more squares to make it more suitable for your grade 7 students!