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Lesson 1: Introduction to the Five Pillars
Materials needed: Chart paper, markers

Warm up: Begin by asking students to explain what they think a “pillar” is and why it might be important.

Main activity: On a chart paper, draw a graphic of the five pillars of Islam and explain what each pillar is and its significance. Key points should include the following:

• Shahadah: the profession of faith, witnessing that “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is His messenger.”
• Salah: the ritual prayer prescribed five times daily
• Zakat: the annual donation of a portion of one’s wealth and goods
• Sawm: fasting during the month of Ramadan
• Hajj: pilgrimage to Mecca once in a lifetime if physically and financially able.

Closure: Re-state the importance and detail of each of the five pillars of Islam and have students summarize how the pillars guide an individual’s practice of the faith.

Lesson 2: Role Play
Materials needed: Scripts, props

Warm-up: Ask the students what they remember from the last lesson about the five pillars of Islam. Ask them to explain how they think a person would live if they practiced each pillar.

Main activity: Writing Activity—In pairs, students create a script for a role-play activity illustrating one of the pillars (e.g., Zakat). Have each pair present their script to the class.

Role-Play Activity (Optional)—Have student groups perform these role-plays for the class. Provide props to use in the role-plays, such as pretend money or food items.

Closure: Ask students to recap the major points of a specific pillar and why it is important to Islamic practice.

Lesson 3: Visit a Mosque
Materials needed: Mosque Visit

Warm-up: Ask students to explain what a mosque is and how it is used.

Main activity: Visit a local mosque and have a tour. Have the imam give a talk about the significance of the five pillars of Islam and how they are practiced in the mosque. Have him explain any special practices that they offer, such as special prayer services on Fridays or charity collections.

Closure: Have each student explain what they learned from the visit, connecting it to the five pillars. Encourage students to ask questions to the imam about the concepts presented.