Learn how to decolonize Shakespeare & evaluate challenges. Share examples & use worksheets/online resources. 45 mins-1hr. Plenary & optional homework.

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Create a session plan for first year undergraduates exploring why and how theatre makers have begun to décolonisé Shakespeare. Include introduction to the idea of decolonisation, discussion of the challenges, examples of plays to focus on and a plenary. Include links to some video and worksheet resources.

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Session Title: Decolonizing Shakespeare
Learning Outcomes:
- Explain what decolonizing Shakespeare means
- Analyze examples of productions that have decolonized Shakespeare
- Evaluate the challenges associated with decolonizing Shakespeare

Materials Needed:
- Worksheets
- Access to online resources
- Optional – Computers/devices to access online resources

Time Needed: 45 mins – 1hr

Introduction (5 mins):
Welcome students to the session and explain what the topic is: Decolonizing Shakespeare. Explain the rationale for this topic – why is it important? Introduce the concept of decolonisation in the context of theatre, what does it mean?

Main Content (35 mins):
Explain the objective of the session - to discuss and evaluate the challenges associated with decolonizing Shakespeare.

Instruct the students to break into small groups. Provide each group with worksheets - a copy of the text and some discussion questions. Ask them to discuss the following:
- What does it mean to decolonize Shakespeare?
- What is the purpose and importance of decolonizing Shakespeare?
- What challenges are associated with decolonizing Shakespeare?

Following the breakout session, have each group share their conclusions, and facilitate a larger discussion to discuss the points raised.

Examples (15 mins):
Show examples of productions that have decolonized Shakespeare, such as:
- The Cast Offs
- The Lorax
- Rhapsody of the Black Dog

Share the following videos with the students to get more details on each production:
- The Cast Offs (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pjh08dDih14)
- The Lorax (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81tGZC7hnMI)
- Rhapsody of the Black Dog (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-InT_n-_wE)

Plenary (5 mins):
Summarize the main points raised in the session. Ask the students to explain what they have learned about decolonizing Shakespeare and what were the biggest challenges that emerged.

Optional Homework:
Provide students with the following worksheet to deepen their understanding of the topic (https://www.britishcouncil.org/voices/decolonising-shakespeare-worksheet-activities).

End of Session (5 mins):
Thank the students for participating and remind them of any upcoming events/deadlines.
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