Tom & Hatty in a garden; strange woman at gate; she gifted Tom; George is her brother; never invited in; last visit-amazing; Mrs Myrtle never visited; gift was special; shared promises for future.

You 09 Jan, 10:27:16

create a set of 10 comprehension questions for chapter 8 of 'Tom's Midnight Garden' by Phillipa Pierce. Include one inference and evaluative question.

Teacherbot 09 Jan, 10:27:16

1. What did Tom think of the barking dog near Hatty and her brother George?
2. Who was the strange woman at the old garden gate?
3. How did Hatty show her appreciation for the necklace Tom gave her?
4. How did Tom feel when Hatty reached out to him in the garden?
5. What was the relationship between Hatty and George?
6. Why do you think Hatty never invited Tom inside her house?
7. What did Tom think of the garden during his last visit?
8. Infer why Mrs Myrtle never visited Tom and Hatty in the garden.
9. Evaluate the importance of Tom's gift to Hatty.
10. How did Tom feel when Hatty promised to meet again?