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1. What does the Snake Man use to spy on Scipio and Victoria?
2. At the end of the chapter, where does the Snake Man disappear to?
3. How does the Snake Man help Scipio and Victoria obtain a certificate of death for Riccio?
4. What does Hornet do while Scipio, Victoria and the Snake Man are busy with their plan?
5. What do the street musicians think of Victoria and why?
6. What does the invisible professor offer in exchange for the secret of Riccio's death?
7. Why doesn't Scipio accept the offer of the invisible professor?
8. Why do the police officers tell the Snake Man to stay out of sight?
9. What is the nickname that the travelers use for Scipio?
10. Infer why the snake man is so eager to help the children obtain a certificate of death for Riccio.

Evaluative Question:
What lesson does Scipio learn from the confrontation with the invisible professor?