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1. How much would remain if Professor McGonagall’s wand was 10,000 galleons and each charm she put on it cost 4,000 galleons?

Answer: 6,000 galleons

2. If Gryffindor had 15 Quidditch points in the beginning of school and lost 8 during practice, how many points does it have now?

Answer: 7 points

3. If Hagrid was owed 10 galleons for a distribution of mandrakes, but only received 6 galleons, how many galleons did he not get?

Answer: 4 galleons

4. The Hogwarts Express costs two hundred twenty-nine Sickles to ride. If Harry had 179 Sickles, how many more did he need?

Answer: 50 Sickles

5. Hermione was crafting a new wand and needed 100 Phoenix feather feathers but only had 73. How many feathers were missing?

Answer: 27 feathers

6. Hagrid was offering 3 Owl Treats for 2 Knuts but Ron only had 4 Knuts. How many Owl Treats could he buy?

Answer: 2 Owl Treats

7. There were 15 students in Care of Magical Creatures class and 4 dropped out. How many students are left?

Answer: 11 students

8. Neville had 12 Muggle comic books and gave 8 away to his friends. How many does he have left?

Answer: 4 comic books

9. If Voldemort had 35 followers and 15 of them left, how many are still with him?

Answer: 20 followers

10. If Professor Snape had 15,000 galleons in his vault and gave 10,000 to charity, how much does he have left?

Answer: 5,000 galleons