Declaring, calling, parameters, return type, preventing multiple calls, fn prototypes vs. definitions, passing parameters, 'static' keyword, case sensitivity, visibility.

You 28 Jan, 16:45:55

create a set of 10s questions regarding functions in MQL4 language.

Teacherbot 28 Jan, 16:45:55

1. How can you declare a function in MQL4?
2. How can you call a function in MQL4?
3. What are the parameters of a function in MQL4?
4. What determines the return type of a function in MQL4?
5. How can you prevent functions from being called more than once in MQL4?
6. What is the difference between a function prototype and function definition in MQL4?
7. What are the different ways to pass parameters to a function in MQL4?
8. What is the purpose of the keyword 'static' when declaring a function in MQL4?
9. Are function names case-sensitive in MQL4?
10. Are all functions in MQL4 visible to all modules of a program?