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  1. What did Mr. Zuckerman want Wilbur to do in the first chapter? -Mr. Zuckerman wanted Wilbur to go to the fair so that he could be sold.

  2. How did Fern feel when she first saw Wilbur? -Fern felt sad when she first saw Wilbur as he was destined for the smokehouse.

  3. What does Charlotte plan to do to help Wilbur? -Charlotte plans to spin words in her web to help persuade the people at the fair not to choose Wilbur for their dinner.

  4. What important lesson did Wilbur learn at the fair? -Wilbur learned the important lesson that he is not just an ordinary pig and that it is important to trust and depend on his friends.

  5. Why did Charlotte eventually send Wilbur away? -Charlotte eventually sent Wilbur away in order to protect him from the other spiders.