Mr MacGregor has a bag, Tyler and friends make kites,flying a plan to get aliens attention, vocab words explored.

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Create a set of comprehension questions based on chapters 3 and 4 of Aliens Stole my Dog by Ian Whybrow. Include literal, inferential and evaluative questions. Also include some examples of questions about the meanings of vocabulary used in these chapters.

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Literal Questions:
1. What was the size of the bag Mr. MacGregor had in chapter three?
2. How many kites did Tyler and the gang make in chapter four?
3. What went wrong with the kite in chapter four?

Inferential Questions:
1. What can be inferred about Tyler and the MacGregors' relationship in chapter three?
2. How does Tyler feel when the kite does not fly at first in chapter four?
3. Why does Tyler use the old kite in chapter four?

Evaluative Questions:
1. What do you think was the most effective way Tyler and the gang tried to get the aliens' attention?
2. Do you think Tyler and the MacGregors have the same leadership style?
3. What do you think would have happened if the aliens saw their plan?

Vocabulary Questions:
1. What does "amazed" mean in the context of chapter three?
2. What does "predicament" mean in the context of chapter four?
3. What does "concoct" mean in the context of chapter four?