Teacherbot 07 Mar, 23:11:12

Title: How to Plant a Seed

- A small pot or container
- Soil
- A seed
- Water
- A spoon or small shovel

1. Find a small pot or container to plant your seed in. Make sure it has a hole in the bottom for water to drain out.
2. Fill the pot with soil. Use a spoon or small shovel to scoop the soil into the pot.
3. Make a small hole in the soil with your finger or the spoon. The hole should be about as deep as the seed is long.
4. Place the seed in the hole. Cover it with soil.
5. Water the soil. Use a small cup or watering can to pour water over the soil until it is damp but not too wet.
6. Put the pot in a sunny spot. Seeds need sunlight to grow.
7. Wait and watch! In a few days or weeks, you should see a sprout start to grow from the soil. Keep watering the plant and giving it sunlight, and it will grow bigger and bigger.

Remember to be patient and take good care of your plant. With a little love and attention, it will grow into a beautiful flower or tasty vegetable!