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Title: How to Play Tig

Materials: - Open space (such as a playground or backyard) - A group of friends or classmates


Step 1: Gather your friends - Find a group of friends or classmates who are willing to play tig with you. - Make sure everyone understands the rules and is ready to have fun!

Step 2: Choose a tigger - Decide who will be the first tigger. This person will be “it” and will try to catch the other players.

Step 3: Establish boundaries - Set boundaries for the game. It could be a specific area of the playground or a marked area in your backyard. - Make sure everyone knows the boundaries and agrees to stay within them during the game.

Step 4: Start the game - Once the boundaries are set, the tigger counts to a predetermined number (e.g., 10) with their eyes closed or facing a wall. - While the tigger is counting, the other players scatter and find a spot within the boundaries to stand.

Step 5: Avoid getting caught - After counting, the tigger opens their eyes and starts chasing the other players. - The tigger’s goal is to touch or tag another player. Once a player is tagged, they become the new tigger.

Step 6: Use safe zones - Designate safe zones within the boundaries where players can temporarily avoid being tagged. - Players can shout “safe zone” when they reach these areas, and the tigger cannot tag them while they are in a safe zone.

Step 7: Keep playing - Continue playing tig until everyone has had a chance to be the tigger or until you decide to stop. - Remember to have fun, run around, and enjoy the game with your friends!

Note: It’s important to play safely and be considerate of others while playing tig. Avoid pushing, shoving, or running into each other too forcefully.