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Q1: What is an epiphany?
A1: An epiphany is a sudden insight or revelation that changes how you think and feel about something.

Q2: How does the epiphany come about?
A2: An epiphany can come about through introspection and reflection, or from a moment of realisation or revelation in a dream or out in the physical world.

Q3: What is the spiritual significance of the Epiphany?
A3: For Christians, the Epiphany refers to the moment when Jesus Christ was revealed to the Magi, or three wise men, and is celebrated on January 6th of each year. In some cultures, it is viewed as the birth of a new beginning and a way of connecting with divine understanding.

Q4: Are there any Epiphany traditions?
A4: Yes, there are many Epiphany traditions that are celebrated across the world. Some of these include visits to holy sites, prayer, singing hymns and specials songs and playing games such as “King of the Crib”. liturgical processions may also be held, during which followers of Christianity parade and sing religious songs.

Q5: What is the significance of the Epiphany in our lives?
A5: The Epiphany is a reminder that we should never forget the power of imagination and introspection, and to seek understanding of our own purpose and spiritual growth. It can help us to reflect on our lives and how we can use our gifts and talents to better the lives of others.