Alice makes a responsible decision to keep the cat's secret. The cat visits the park for a new mission, risking her own safety. Alice and the cat bond, the cat learns to trust again, and embraces life with a new outlook.

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Create a set of questions for Chapter 7 of The Diary of a Killer Cat

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1. What important decision does Alice make after finding out about the cat’s secret?
2. How does Alice feel about her responsibility to keep the secret?
3. How does the cat react to Alice’s decision?
4. What does the cat’s visit to the park symbolize?
5. What is the cat’s plan to help her owner and what risk does it pose?
6. How does the cat feel after she carries out her plan?
7. What finally brings Alice and the cat closer together?
8. How does the cat learn to trust again?
9. What lesson does the cat learn over the course of the chapter?
10. How does the chapter end?