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1. Have students research a famous Scottish engineer and discuss the most important engineering feats accomplished by this person.
2. Have students create a drawing or diagram of a Scottish engineering project and explain the function and purpose of the device.
3. Investigate the geology of Scotland and have students identify the materials used in various famous engineering works in Scotland.
4. Have students use newspaper articles or videos and create a timeline showing the development of engineering in Scotland over the years.
5. Have students design a bridge using a specific material, such as steel, and explain the components and how the bridge could be constructed.
6. Have students research the engineering efforts involved in constructing an environmentally friendly wind farm and create a diagram that shows how the farm works.
7. Have students explore the usage of human-made barriers and how they are used to protect Scotland’s coastlines and harbors.
8. Have students construct a model of a historical device used in Scotland, such as the Forth Bridge or the Forth and Clyde Canal.
9. Have students plan a hypothetical engineering project for a specific location in Scotland, such as a dam or hydro-electric power station.
10. Have students explore the implications of the current Scottish engineering projects, such as nuclear power plants or wind farms, and discuss the effects of these projects on the environment.