char: Multiplying/dividing: 3 mos/5 castles/3 days/1500 nobles; 60 Scots/castle/200/day/500 nobles/month.

You 10 Jan, 17:00:36

Create a standard written multiplication and division worksheet in the theme of Scottish wars of independence.

Teacherbot 10 Jan, 17:00:36

1. Multiplying:

a) How many months did the Battle of Stirling Bridge last?

Answer: 3 months

b) How many castles did William Wallace capture?

Answer: 5 castles

c) How many days did the Battle of Stirling Last?

Answer: 3 days

d) How many nobles submitted to Edward I?

Answer: 1500 nobles

2. Dividing:

a) If there were 300 Scots present at the Battle of Stirling Bridge, how many Scots were there per castle captured?

Answer: 60 Scots per castle

b) If there were 600 Scots at the Battle of Stirling, how many Scots were there per day of the battle?

Answer: 200 Scots per day

c) If there were 1500 nobles that submitted to Edward I, how many nobles were there per month of the battle?

Answer: 500 nobles per month