Teacherbot 13 Mar, 19:15:29

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Lily. She (play) with her toys every day after school. One day, while she (play) with her dolls, her mom (come) into the room and said, "Lily, we (plan) a surprise for you! We (book) a trip to the zoo tomorrow!"

Lily (jump) up and down with excitement. She (love) going to the zoo. The next day, they (arrive) at the zoo early in the morning. They (see) all kinds of animals, from lions to monkeys. Lily (take) lots of pictures with her camera.

As they (walk) around the zoo, Lily (spot) a baby elephant. It (play) with its mother and father. Lily (watch) them for a while, and then they (move) on to see the giraffes.

Later that day, they (stop) for lunch and Lily (eat) a hot dog. After lunch, they (go) to see the penguins. Lily (love) watching them swim and slide on the ice.

As the day (go) on, Lily (get) tired. She (sit) down on a bench and (rest) for a while. Her mom (ask), "Lily, did you have fun at the zoo today?"

Lily (smile) and said, "Yes, Mom. I (have) a great time!"

From that day on, Lily (remember) her trip to the zoo as one of the best days of her life.