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Chapter 1: In chapter 1 of “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas,” we meet a young boy named Bruno. He lives in Berlin, Germany, during World War II. Bruno’s father is a high-ranking soldier, and his family is preparing to move to a new house in a place called “Out-With.” Bruno is upset about leaving his friends and his comfortable home in Berlin. When they arrive at their new house, Bruno is disappointed to find that it is much smaller and less exciting than he expected. From his bedroom window, he sees a strange and depressing sight - a fenced-off area with people wearing striped pyjamas.

Chapter 2: In chapter 2, Bruno explores his new surroundings and meets a boy named Shmuel. Shmuel is on the other side of the fence that Bruno saw from his window. They strike up a conversation and become friends, even though they are separated by the fence. Shmuel tells Bruno that he is a Jew and that he has been living in the camp for a while. Bruno is confused about why Shmuel and the other people in the camp are treated differently. He doesn’t understand the concept of Jews or the war. Bruno’s mother tries to explain it to him, but he still finds it hard to comprehend.

Chapter 3: In chapter 3, Bruno’s mother becomes increasingly unhappy with their new home and wants to move back to Berlin. Bruno’s father, however, insists that they stay. Bruno’s sister, Gretel, starts receiving lessons from a tutor named Herr Liszt, who teaches her about the Nazi ideology. Bruno doesn’t understand why his sister is so interested in these lessons and why she starts to change her behavior. Bruno continues to visit Shmuel at the fence, bringing him food and talking about their lives. Bruno becomes more curious about the camp and wants to explore it, but Shmuel warns him that it’s dangerous. Despite the warning, Bruno’s curiosity grows, and he becomes determined to find a way into the camp to help his friend.