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Chapter 11: “Like Summer Tempests Came His Tears”

In this chapter, Toad is feeling very sorry for himself because he is in prison. He is not used to being confined and misses his luxurious lifestyle. Toad’s friends, Rat and Mole, come to visit him and try to cheer him up. They bring him food and remind him of the good times they had together. Toad is grateful for their support but still feels very sad. Meanwhile, the clever Mr. Badger is working on a plan to help Toad escape from prison.

Chapter 12: “The Return of Ulysses”

Toad’s escape plan is set into motion in this chapter. Mr. Badger disguises himself as a washerwoman and sneaks into the prison. He manages to convince the guards that he is there to collect Toad’s laundry. Toad, who is very excited about the plan, quickly changes into the washerwoman’s clothes and escapes with Mr. Badger. They make their way back to Toad Hall, where Toad is overjoyed to be home again. He promises to change his reckless ways and be a better friend to Rat and Mole.

Chapter 13: “The Return of Ulysses”

In this chapter, Toad is determined to make amends for his past behavior. He starts by cleaning up Toad Hall and making it beautiful again. He also apologizes to Rat and Mole for his selfishness and promises to be a better friend. Toad’s friends are happy to see him change and forgive him for his past mistakes. They all work together to restore Toad Hall to its former glory.

Chapter 14: “The Open Road”

In the final chapter, Rat, Mole, and Toad decide to go on a grand adventure together. They pack up their belongings and set off on a journey along the open road. Along the way, they encounter many exciting and sometimes dangerous situations. They face wild animals, get lost in the woods, and even have a run-in with a group of gypsies. Through it all, they stick together and rely on each other for support. The friends learn valuable lessons about bravery, friendship, and the importance of sticking together.