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Chapter 6-10 of the book Shilo is about a little girl named Marty and her adventures with her dog, Shilo. In these chapters, Marty and Shilo go on exciting journeys and meet new friends.

In chapter 6, Marty and Shilo explore a beautiful forest. They see tall trees and colorful flowers. Marty loves being in nature and feels happy with Shilo by her side.

In chapter 7, Marty and Shilo visit a farm. They see cows, chickens, and even a big red barn. Marty helps the farmer feed the animals and learns about taking care of them.

In chapter 8, Marty and Shilo go to the beach. They build sandcastles and collect seashells. Marty loves the sound of the waves crashing and the feeling of the sand between her toes.

In chapter 9, Marty and Shilo visit a zoo. They see lions, elephants, and monkeys. Marty is amazed by all the different animals and learns interesting facts about them.

In chapter 10, Marty and Shilo have a picnic in a park. They eat yummy sandwiches and play on the swings. Marty feels grateful for her special moments with Shilo and knows they will always be best friends.

These chapters are filled with fun and adventure as Marty and Shilo explore different places and make wonderful memories together.