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Chapter 7 of the book “Holes” is called “The Warden.” In this chapter, we learn more about the mysterious Warden who runs Camp Green Lake. The Warden is a tough and scary woman who always wears cowboy boots and a wide-brimmed hat. She is in charge of the boys at the camp and is known for being strict and mean.

We find out that the Warden is very interested in the boys digging holes at the camp. She believes they are looking for something valuable, but we don’t know what yet. The Warden is always watching the boys and keeps a close eye on their progress.

One day, the Warden comes to the camp with a metal detector. She uses it to search for something in the holes the boys have dug. This makes the boys even more curious about what they might be looking for. They wonder if it could be treasure or something else important.

The Warden is a mysterious character, and the boys are scared of her. They know they have to be careful and follow her rules or else they might get in trouble. The Warden is a key figure in the story, and her actions and motives will be important as the book continues.

In summary, chapter 7 introduces us to the Warden, who is the strict and scary woman in charge of Camp Green Lake. She is interested in what the boys are digging for and uses a metal detector to search the holes. The boys are curious about what she is looking for and are scared of her because she is tough and mean.