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Chapter Summary: A Letter to God

In the chapter “A Letter to God,” the story revolves around a poor farmer named Lencho who lives in a small village. One day, a terrible hailstorm destroys his entire crop, leaving him and his family in despair.

Despite his difficult situation, Lencho remains a faithful and optimistic person. He decides to write a letter to God, asking for help. Lencho believes that God will understand his troubles and send him some money to recover from the loss.

Lencho writes the letter with great sincerity and takes it to the post office. The postmaster, who is amused by Lencho’s faith, decides to help him. He collects money from his colleagues and sends it to Lencho in an envelope.

When Lencho receives the envelope, he is disappointed to find only a small amount of money. He becomes angry and believes that someone has stolen the rest of the money. Lencho writes another letter to God, expressing his disappointment and asking for the remaining amount.

The postmaster, touched by Lencho’s faith, decides to reply to the letter. He writes a letter pretending to be God, assuring Lencho that the money he received was all that could be sent due to the difficulties in heaven. Lencho, unaware of the postmaster’s trick, feels grateful and blessed.

This chapter teaches us about the power of faith and the importance of remaining positive in difficult times. It also highlights the kindness of others, like the postmaster, who went out of his way to help Lencho. The story reminds us that sometimes, even in the face of disappointment, we can find comfort and hope in unexpected ways.