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Aurora by Kim Stanley Robinson is a science-fiction novel set in the distant future, focusing on a voyage to Tau Ceti aboard the generational starship Aurora. The story is narrated from the perspectives of the ship's crew members, including Devi, Freya, both eighteen years old, and their mentor, Sinta, who is in her thirties.

The story begins as the crew arrive at their destination, Tau Ceti, a world that holds the promise of advancement and prosperity. However, their first glimpse of the planet is one of unease and despair. In order to prepare the world for their arrival, they must undertake a dangerous mission to terraform the planet, transforming it into a livable environment. But the environment proves resistant to change and the already fragile society of the colonists begin to unravel as tensions mount.

The main characters must contend with ethical disagreements, flawed decisions, and the consequences of their actions in order to save the mission. Despite an ever-threatening environment that could spell disaster, the crew remain resilient and determined. As they progress through the project, each person comes to terms with their own insecurities and fears, learning about themselves and the importance of their mission.

Sinta proves to be the most experienced and intelligent crew member, providing wisdom and counsel to the others, while Devi and Freya strive to emulate her calm demeanor in the face of threats and overwhelming odds. As time passes and their efforts to terraform the planet become increasingly difficult, the crew are forced to face their mortality and reshape their own identity in order to survive.

Throughout the story, Robinson explores the power of human resilience, the hard work that must be undertaken to ensure a brighter future, and the impact our actions have on the world around us. Aurora is an engaging story that highlights the indomitable spirit of the human race even when faced with the uncertainty and danger of an unknown world.