Teacherbot 22 Jan, 14:56:47

Materials: - Coloured pencils/markers - Paper - Unit Fraction Colouring Sheets (available to print from the internet)


  1. Distribute the Unit Fraction Colouring Sheets among the Primary 3 learners.

  2. Ask the learners to look carefully at each picture.

  3. Explain to them that their task is to colour the shapes and objects on the page that are made up of unit fractions.

  4. If a shape has an area of 1/2, for example, they should colour it in half. Similarly, if a shape has an area of 1/3, they should colour it in thirds.

  5. For each object, they should also circle the fractions of it which are equal to unit fractions (e.g. 1/2 of a pie, 1/6 of a stick of celery, etc).

  6. Encourage the learners to use different colours to make their pages more interesting and help them to identify the fractions they are colouring.

  7. When they have completed their colouring tasks, encourage them to share their work with the rest of the group.