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Topic: Reading and Note-taking Skills for Exploring Environmental Issues

Desired Outcome: I can make notes and organize them to develop my thinking, help retain and recall information, explore issues, and create new texts, using my own words as appropriate.

Week 1: Introduction to Environmental Issues - Introduce the concept of environmental issues and their importance in our world. - Discuss the impact of environmental issues on our daily lives. - Read and analyze various texts related to environmental issues, such as articles, reports, and case studies. - Practice note-taking skills by summarizing key points from the texts.

Week 2: Developing Thinking and Retaining Information - Explore different note-taking techniques, such as mind maps, Cornell notes, and bullet points. - Discuss the benefits of each note-taking technique and when to use them. - Read and analyze texts on specific environmental issues, such as climate change, pollution, or deforestation. - Practice note-taking using the chosen technique to develop thinking and retain information.

Week 3: Exploring Environmental Issues - Read and analyze texts that present different perspectives on environmental issues. - Discuss the importance of considering multiple viewpoints when exploring environmental issues. - Practice note-taking by summarizing the main arguments and evidence from the texts. - Engage in group discussions to explore the complexities of environmental issues and develop critical thinking skills.

Week 4: Creating New Texts - Discuss the importance of using our own words when creating new texts. - Explore different types of texts, such as persuasive essays, informative articles, or creative writing pieces, to address environmental issues. - Practice paraphrasing and summarizing information from various sources to create new texts. - Share and discuss the created texts, providing constructive feedback to improve writing skills.

Week 5: Review and Reflection - Review the note-taking techniques learned throughout the topic. - Reflect on the progress made in developing thinking, retaining information, and exploring environmental issues. - Discuss the challenges faced and strategies used to overcome them. - Set personal goals for further improvement in note-taking and exploring environmental issues.

Assessment: - Ongoing assessment of note-taking skills through observation and feedback. - Evaluation of created texts based on clarity, coherence, and use of own words. - Self-reflection and goal-setting exercises to encourage metacognitive skills development.