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Topic: Reading in a Restaurant Setting

Desired Outcome: I work on my own and with others to understand text using appropriate resources, demonstrating my understanding by matching written words to pictures and by reconstructing the text in a logical sequence.

Suitable for Second Level

Lesson 1: Introduction to Restaurant Vocabulary - Introduce common restaurant vocabulary such as menu, waiter, table, food items, etc. - Engage students in a discussion about their favorite restaurants and their experiences dining out. - Provide visual aids and flashcards to help students associate written words with corresponding pictures. - Conduct group activities where students match written words to pictures of restaurant-related items.

Lesson 2: Reading a Menu - Introduce a sample menu from a restaurant, focusing on the layout and organization of the text. - Discuss the different sections of a menu, such as appetizers, main courses, desserts, etc. - Teach students how to identify and understand different types of food items and their descriptions. - Provide opportunities for students to practice reading and understanding the menu by matching food items to their descriptions.

Lesson 3: Sequencing a Restaurant Story - Introduce a short story about a visit to a restaurant, focusing on the logical sequence of events. - Discuss the importance of understanding the order of events in a story. - Provide students with a jumbled version of the story and ask them to work in pairs or small groups to reconstruct the story in a logical sequence. - Encourage students to use appropriate resources, such as dictionaries or online translation tools, to understand unfamiliar words or phrases in the story.

Lesson 4: Role-Playing in a Restaurant - Divide students into pairs or small groups and assign roles such as waiter, customer, chef, etc. - Provide a scenario where students can practice using restaurant vocabulary and reading skills in a role-playing activity. - Encourage students to use appropriate resources, such as menus or dialogue prompts, to support their reading and understanding during the role-play. - Monitor and provide feedback on students’ use of appropriate vocabulary and their ability to understand and respond to written prompts.

Lesson 5: Culminating Activity - Designing a Restaurant Menu - In groups, students will design their own restaurant menus using the vocabulary and reading skills they have learned. - Each group will create a menu with a variety of food items, descriptions, and prices. - Students will present their menus to the class, explaining their choices and demonstrating their understanding of the reading skills practiced throughout the topic. - Classmates will provide feedback and ask questions about the menus, further reinforcing their understanding of restaurant vocabulary and reading comprehension.

Assessment: - Ongoing observation and feedback during class activities and discussions. - Individual and group participation in matching written words to pictures and reconstructing the text in a logical sequence. - Evaluation of students’ ability to use appropriate resources to understand text and demonstrate comprehension. - Assessment of students’ culminating activity, including the design and presentation of their restaurant menus.