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Unit Plan: Programming a Tello Drone using Python

Grade Level: Year 10 Subject: Computer Science

Unit Overview: In this unit, students will learn the basics of programming a Tello drone using Python. They will explore the concepts of drone flight, control, and automation through hands-on coding activities. By the end of the unit, students will be able to write Python programs to control the Tello drone and perform various flight maneuvers.

Unit Duration: 4 weeks

Unit Objectives: 1. Understand the basic principles of drone flight and control. 2. Learn the syntax and structure of Python programming language. 3. Develop programming skills to control the Tello drone using Python. 4. Apply programming concepts to automate flight maneuvers and perform tasks with the Tello drone.

Week 1: Introduction to Drones and Python Basics - Lesson 1: Introduction to Drones - Discuss the history and applications of drones. - Introduce the Tello drone and its features. - Demonstrate basic flight maneuvers using the Tello app.

  • Lesson 2: Introduction to Python
    • Introduce Python programming language.
    • Explain the syntax and structure of Python code.
    • Demonstrate simple Python programs using print statements and variables.

Week 2: Controlling the Tello Drone - Lesson 3: Setting up the Development Environment - Install necessary software (Python, Tello SDK, etc.). - Connect the Tello drone to the computer.

  • Lesson 4: Basic Drone Control with Python
    • Introduce Tello SDK and its Python library.
    • Demonstrate basic drone control commands (takeoff, land, move, rotate, etc.) using Python.
  • Lesson 5: Writing Python Programs for Drone Control
    • Teach students how to write Python programs to control the Tello drone.
    • Provide coding exercises to practice drone control commands.

Week 3: Advanced Drone Control and Automation - Lesson 6: Advanced Drone Control - Introduce more advanced drone control commands (flip, set speed, etc.). - Demonstrate how to retrieve drone status information (battery level, altitude, etc.) using Python.

  • Lesson 7: Automating Flight Maneuvers
    • Teach students how to write Python programs to automate flight maneuvers.
    • Provide coding exercises to practice automating flight maneuvers.

Week 4: Project and Assessment - Lesson 8: Project: Autonomous Drone Task - Assign a project where students have to write a Python program to perform a specific task with the Tello drone. - Examples: create a drone delivery system, design a drone obstacle course, etc.

  • Lesson 9: Project Presentations and Assessment
    • Students present their projects to the class.
    • Assess students’ understanding of drone control, Python programming, and creativity in designing autonomous tasks.

Note: The actual coding for the Tello drone will depend on the specific Python library or SDK being used. It is recommended to refer to the official Tello SDK documentation for the most up-to-date code examples and instructions.