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Lesson 1: Introduction

Objective: Students will understand the significance of the Domesday Book and how it was used.

Materials: -PowerPoint presentation -Internet access

Length: 45 minutes

Activities -Start discussion on the power and authority of the Medieval Monarchy in England -Introduce the Domesday Book and explain what it was -Discuss its importance as a record of land and property ownership throughout the country -View a PowerPoint presentation on the Domesday Book, including information on its history and purpose -Allow students time to research and discuss the contents of the Domesday Book

Lesson 2: Hands-on Activity

Objective: Students will practice being scribes and re-create excerpts from the Domesday Book.

Materials: -Whiteboard -Textbook excerpts of the Domesday Book -Handouts of text excerpts -Copy paper

Length: 45 minutes

Activities -Review the history of the Domesday Book -Explain the process of recording land and property records in the Domesday Book -Divide the class into two groups and hand out excerpts from the text to each group -On the whiteboard, write down a sentence from the text -Divide the sentence in groups of two/three and have each group write the sentence down on paper -Once complete, check the sentences for accuracy -Repeat with different sentences from the text -Discuss how accuracy is fundamental for recording information

Lesson 3: Analysis

Objective: Students will analyze and understand how people were taxed and how much land was assigned to different categories of people

Materials: -Worksheets -Articles -Maps

Length: 45 minutes

Activities -Introduce the different groups of people in Medieval England -Discuss the ranking of power among feudal lords and peasants -Explain how taxes were assessed in this period -Hand out worksheets with articles, maps, and excerpts from the Domesday Book -Allow students time to work individually to analyze and answer the questions -When complete, as a class review the answers -Discuss how the Domesday Book provides information about Medieval England

Lesson 4: Assessments

Objective: Students will demonstrate their knowledge of the Domesday Book by creating a timeline of its creation and purpose.

Materials: -Textbook -Timeline worksheet -Markers/colored pencils

Length: 30 minutes

Activities -Briefly review the history of the Domesday Book -Pass out the timeline worksheet and markers/colored pencils -Instruct students to fill out the timeline on the worksheet -Once complete, allow time for students to present their timeline in front of the class -Discuss how the Domesday Book has shaped how people were taxed and how power was structured in Medieval England