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Unit Goal: To explore the themes, events and characters of the graphic novel “Maus” in order to deepen understanding and appreciation of the Holocaust experience.


Day 1:

- Introduce the Holocaust to the class using historical context and primary sources
- Discuss the importance of personal experience in historical accounts
- Introduce the novel Maus and the concept of graphic novel
- Discuss the challenges that the author faces when writing this type of novel

Day 2:

- Intensive reading of the novel
- Discuss the impact of Holocaust survivors on the novel
- Examine the use of metaphor and symbolism in the novel

Day 3:

- Discuss the characters in the novel and their roles
- Analyze the book from a literary perspective
- Examine how the graphic novel format affects its themes
- Discuss how the novel portrays the Holocaust

Day 4:

- Continue exploring the novel’s themes
- Look at Holocaust literature in its wider context
- Analyze the nature of the legacy of Maus
- Analyze the author’s particular approach to the Holocaust

Day 5:

- Students to write reflections on the novel
- Wrap up discussion on the themes and impacts of the novel
- Discuss any additional questions


- Reflections on the novel
- Quizzes on the characters and events of the novel
- Group project in which students create their own graphic novel based on the Holocaust
- Discussion questions
- Final paper analyzing the novel’s themes and its place in Holocaust literature


- Copies of the novel for whole class
- Primary sources related to the Holocaust
- Resources on graphic novels
- Assignment handouts
- Quizzes
- Outline for the group projects