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Vocabulary Task:

  1. Match the following words with their definitions:

a. Solar system b. Orbit c. Rocky d. Ranges e. Contributes

i. A group of planets and other celestial bodies that revolve around a star. ii. The path followed by an object as it revolves around another object in space. iii. Consisting of or containing rocks. iv. A series of mountains or hills in a line. v. To give or supply something, especially money or resources.

  1. Use the following words in sentences to demonstrate their meanings:

a. Solar system Example: The solar system consists of eight planets and numerous other celestial bodies.

b. Orbit Example: The moon orbits around the Earth.

c. Rocky Example: The surface of Mars is rocky and barren.

d. Ranges Example: The Rocky Mountains are a famous range in North America.

e. Contributes Example: The sun contributes to the warmth and light of the solar system.