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Slide 1: Welcome Back to School! EL Teachers Edition

Slide 2: Introduction - Welcome back to a new school year! - We are excited to have you as part of our EL teaching team. - This presentation will provide an overview of important information and resources for the upcoming year.

Slide 3: Meet the EL Teaching Team - Introduce each EL teacher with their name and photo. - Briefly mention their experience and expertise in teaching English learners. - Highlight the collaborative nature of the EL teaching team.

Slide 4: Our Mission - Share the mission statement of the EL department. - Emphasize our commitment to providing quality English language instruction to our students. - Highlight the importance of fostering a supportive and inclusive learning environment.

Slide 5: Key Responsibilities - Outline the main responsibilities of EL teachers, such as: - Providing English language instruction to EL students. - Collaborating with content area teachers to support language development. - Assessing students’ language proficiency and progress. - Communicating with parents/guardians regarding students’ language development.

Slide 6: Curriculum and Instruction - Provide an overview of the EL curriculum and instructional strategies. - Highlight any new resources or materials that will be used this year. - Mention any professional development opportunities related to EL instruction.

Slide 7: Assessment and Progress Monitoring - Explain the assessment process for English learners. - Discuss the different types of assessments used to measure language proficiency and progress. - Mention any specific assessment tools or resources that will be utilized.

Slide 8: Collaboration and Support - Emphasize the importance of collaboration with content area teachers. - Highlight the support available to EL teachers, such as: - Regular team meetings. - Professional learning communities. - Coaching and mentoring opportunities.

Slide 9: Parent and Community Engagement - Discuss the importance of involving parents/guardians in their child’s language development. - Share strategies for effective communication with parents/guardians. - Mention any upcoming events or workshops for parents/guardians.

Slide 10: Resources and Support Materials - Provide a list of resources and support materials available to EL teachers, such as: - Online platforms for lesson planning and resource sharing. - Professional books and articles. - Websites and online tools for English language development.

Slide 11: Closing Remarks - Express gratitude for the dedication and hard work of the EL teaching team. - Encourage collaboration, creativity, and continuous professional growth. - Wish everyone a successful and rewarding school year.

Slide 12: Questions and Discussion - Open the floor for any questions or comments from the EL teaching team. - Encourage an open and supportive discussion. - Thank everyone for their participation.

Slide 13: Contact Information - Provide contact information for each EL teacher, including email addresses and phone numbers. - Mention the preferred method of communication (email, phone, in-person). - Encourage open communication and collaboration throughout the year.

Slide 14: Thank You! - Thank everyone for their time and attention. - Express excitement for the upcoming school year. - End the presentation on a positive note.