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Title: Introduction to Tally Marks

Objective: - Introduce the concept of tally marks to 5-year-old students. - Develop their understanding of counting and representing numbers using tally marks. - Engage students in interactive and fun activities to reinforce learning.

Materials Needed: - Whiteboard or chart paper - Markers or colored pencils - Tally mark cards (prepared in advance) - Counting objects (e.g., blocks, buttons, or small toys) - Tally mark worksheets (optional)

Lesson Plan:

  1. Introduction (5 minutes):
    • Greet the students and introduce the topic of tally marks.
    • Show a picture of tally marks on the board and ask if anyone knows what they are.
    • Explain that tally marks are a way to count and represent numbers using simple lines.
  2. Tally Mark Song (5 minutes):
    • Teach the students a tally mark song to make learning more enjoyable.
    • Use a simple tune and sing the following lyrics: “Tally marks, tally marks, we use them every day. Counting numbers one by one, in a special way. One, two, three, four, five, we make a tally mark. Six, seven, eight, nine, ten, tally marks are smart!”
  3. Tally Mark Demonstration (10 minutes):
    • Draw a tally mark on the board and explain that each line represents one count.
    • Show the students how to make four tally marks and then group them together using a diagonal line.
    • Practice counting the tally marks together, emphasizing the concept of grouping by fives.
    • Repeat the process with different numbers, gradually increasing the count.
  4. Tally Mark Game: Count and Match (10 minutes):
    • Divide the class into small groups or pairs.
    • Distribute tally mark cards and counting objects to each group.
    • Instruct the students to count the objects and match them with the correct tally mark card.
    • Encourage them to work together and discuss their answers.
    • After a few minutes, ask each group to share their matches with the class.
  5. Tally Mark Game: Tally Tower (15 minutes):
    • Give each student a set of counting objects (e.g., 10 blocks).
    • Instruct them to count the objects and create a tally mark for each count.
    • Encourage the students to build a tower using their objects, adding one block for each tally mark.
    • After building their towers, have the students count the total number of blocks and represent it with a final tally mark.
    • Celebrate their achievements and discuss the different heights of the towers.
  6. Conclusion (5 minutes):
    • Recap the lesson by asking students to share what they have learned about tally marks.
    • Highlight the importance of tally marks in counting and representing numbers.
    • Provide optional tally mark worksheets for students to practice at home.

Note: Adjust the duration of each activity based on the students’ engagement and attention span.