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Worksheet on Impaired Driving Laws:

Instructions: Read the following statements and fill in the blanks with the correct answers.

  1. Impaired driving refers to operating a vehicle under the influence of ____.
  2. The most common substance that impairs driving is ____.
  3. In most countries, the legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit for driving is ____.
  4. True or False: Impaired driving can result in fines, license suspension, and even imprisonment.
  5. Name three alternative transportation options to avoid impaired driving: ____, ____, ____.
  6. True or False: Prescription medications cannot impair driving.
  7. Name two physical and behavioral signs of impairment while driving: ____, ____.
  8. What is the purpose of sobriety checkpoints? ____.
  9. True or False: Impaired driving only affects the driver and not other road users.
  10. Name two strategies to prevent impaired driving: ____, ____.

Worksheet on Labeling the Parts of a Firearm:

Instructions: Label the parts of the firearm using the word bank provided.

Word Bank: Barrel, Trigger, Magazine, Grip, Slide, Safety, Sight, Hammer, Frame

  1. ____: The long metal tube through which the bullet travels.
  2. ____: The part that releases the firing pin when pressed.
  3. ____: The detachable container that holds the ammunition.
  4. ____: The part where the shooter holds the firearm.
  5. ____: The part that moves back and forth to load and eject cartridges.
  6. ____: A mechanism that prevents accidental firing.
  7. ____: The part used for aiming the firearm.
  8. ____: The part that strikes the firing pin to ignite the primer.
  9. ____: The main structure of the firearm that holds all the parts together.

Note: It is important to emphasize safety when discussing firearms. Ensure that students understand that firearms should only be handled by trained individuals in appropriate settings.