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Worksheet: Match the Sentence Endings

Instructions: Match the beginning of each statement, question, command, or exclamation to its correct ending. Write the appropriate end mark (., ?, !) in the blank space provided.

  1. Beginnings: a) What a beautiful b) Please close the c) I am going to d) Look at that big e) Can you help me

Endings: i) dog! ii) door. iii) butterfly. iv) sentence? v) box!

Match the beginnings to the correct endings by writing the corresponding letter in the blank space:

  1. ___ a) What a beautiful
  2. ___ b) Please close the
  3. ___ c) I am going to
  4. ___ d) Look at that big
  5. ___ e) Can you help me

Answer Key: 1. iv) sentence? 2. ii) door. 3. i) dog! 4. iii) butterfly. 5. v) box!