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Students will use the newspaper article about the Titanic to create descriptive narratives about the events leading up to and during the sinking of the ship.


  • Copies of a newspaper article about the Titanic
  • Student Notebooks
  • Writing materials (pens, pencils, etc.)


  1. Introduce the newspaper article and initiate discussion about the Titanic. Make sure to create an opportunity for students to ask questions and provide their own interpretations of the article.

  2. Have students read the newspaper article and take notes on key events and details.

  3. After students have finished reading and taking notes on the article, have them begin to write descriptive narratives about the sinking of the Titanic.

  4. Allow students some time to write their narratives and share their ideas with the class.

  5. Finally, invite students to present their narratives to the class and provide feedback on their work.


By completing this writing lesson, students will have been able to interpret the newspaper article about the Titanic and create engaging, detailed narratives about its sinking.