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  1. 100th Day Trail Mix: Provide a variety of small snacks such as pretzels, raisins, cereal, and chocolate chips. Have students count out 10 of each item to create their own trail mix. Once they have 10 of each item, they can mix them together to create a 100th day snack.

  2. 100th Day Art: Give each student a piece of construction paper and have them create a picture using 100 different items. This could include stickers, buttons, beads, or even small pieces of colored paper. Encourage them to be creative and make a design that is meaningful to them.

  3. 100th Day Exercise Challenge: Have students participate in a physical activity challenge where they complete 100 exercises. This could include jumping jacks, sit-ups, or even running in place. Create a chart where students can track their progress and celebrate when they reach 100 exercises.

  4. 100th Day Writing Prompt: Ask students to write a short story or poem about what they imagine life will be like when they are 100 years old. Encourage them to think creatively and use their imagination to describe their future life.

  5. 100th Day Math Games: Set up math stations where students can practice counting to 100. This could include counting by 10s, skip counting, or even counting objects. Provide manipulatives such as counting cubes or base ten blocks to help students visualize the numbers.

  6. 100th Day Book Challenge: Challenge students to read 100 pages or 100 minutes on the 100th day of school. Provide a variety of books at different reading levels for students to choose from. Have them keep track of their reading progress and celebrate when they reach their goal.

  7. 100th Day STEM Challenge: Provide students with various materials such as popsicle sticks, paper clips, and tape. Challenge them to build a structure that can hold 100 pennies without collapsing. Encourage them to think critically and problem-solve as they design their structure.

  8. 100th Day Time Capsule: Have students create a time capsule that represents their life at 100 days of school. They can include items such as drawings, photographs, or small mementos. Seal the time capsules and store them until the end of the school year when students can open them and reflect on their growth.

  9. 100th Day Scavenger Hunt: Create a scavenger hunt where students have to find and count 100 different objects around the classroom or school. Provide them with a checklist and have them work in pairs or small groups to complete the challenge.

  10. 100th Day Reflections: Have students reflect on their favorite moments from the first 100 days of school. They can write or draw about their favorite activities, friends, or lessons. Encourage them to think about what they have learned and how they have grown since the beginning of the school year.