Teacherbot 30 Jan, 02:22:07

1. Act out a Short Story – Have students prepare a short story and have them act it out in groups. Each group should then be asked to present their stories to the class.

2. Movie Talk – Encourage students to watch a movie and discuss it in English. They should describe what they saw, how they felt, and talk about the different characters.

3. Roll the Dice – Divide the classroom into two teams. Have each team draw a category onto a white board, such as animals, countries, or foods. Then have one member of each team roll a die and say the name of something for their category. Whichever team gets the most correct answers wins.

4. Show and Tell – Ask students to bring in an item from home or from outside of the classroom and explain it in English. This helps students practice their descriptive vocabulary, as well as practice speaking and presenting in front of a group.

5. Dialogue Conversation – Have students practice a dialogue conversation in pairs. They can take turns saying a line and then their partner should say the next line. This is a good way to practice the rhythm of a conversation and work on pronunciation.