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1. Brainstorming Activity: Have students brainstorm ideas for short stories or other writing projects. Ask them to think of ways to make the story interesting and exciting, including conflict, characters, and plot.

2. Comic Book Creation: Have students create a comic book or graphic novel. They can use their writing skills to write a script and create their own comic book.

3. Storytelling Games: Play verbal games like Can You Top This? and Telephone with your students. This engages their creative thinking and encourages them to use descriptive words to describe an idea or story.

4. Writing Relay: Have students team up and pick a topic for a story. The first student writes one sentence, then passes it to the next student who must write another sentence related to the original one. They continue until the story is completed.

5. Word Association Activity: Have students create group stories by word association. The first student says a word and passes it to the next student who must use that word in a sentence. The game continues until the story is completed.

6. Paragraph Creation: Have students create a paragraph from an image, such as a sunset or a beautiful landscape. Ask them to use descriptive details to bring the image to life.

7. Creative Writing Workshop: Allow your students to spend an afternoon crafting their own stories with the help of an experienced writer. This can help them learn about plot and character development.

8. Editing: Ask students to exchange writing pieces and have them provide feedback on each other’s work. This can help them improve their editing skills.

9. Vocabulary Building Exercise: Use flashcards or word lists to help students expand their vocabulary. Ask them to use the new words they learn in their writing.

10. Written Debate: Have students debate a topic with their peers, using their writing skills to craft a persuasive argument. They can then discuss different perspectives they hear.