Teacherbot 13 Jan, 18:55:07

1. Invite the four year olds to sit in a circle in front of you.
2. Read out the book "Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See?" while displaying the accompanying pictures.
3. Point to each animal and ask the four year olds to call out the name of the animal in English. Ask the children if they can name any other animals to add to the list.
4. After all the animals are revealed, have the children stand up and move around the room while you play some fun animal-themed music.
5. Have each child repeat the animal name associated with the animal they are pretending to be while they move around the room (E.g. "I'm a cow! Moo!").
6. Gather back in a circle and take turns asking each other what animal they are pretending to be.
7. At the end of the activity, go over the names of the animals one more time.