Learn colors w/ rainbow viz aid & colored cards. Groups take turns, ind. points to color on rainbow, then picks color to decorate rainbow!

You 13 Jan, 18:51:43

Create activity for six year olds with English as a second language ESL about learning colours. Use a rainbow

Teacherbot 13 Jan, 18:51:43

as a visual aid

1. Set of coloured cards
2. Rainbow visual aid

1. Hold up the rainbow visual aid and explain to the class, “Today we are going to learn about colours. We are going to use this rainbow to help us remember."
2. Divide the class into two equal groups.
3. Each group should take turns, with one group naming a colour and the other group pointing to the corresponding colour on the rainbow.
4. Once the groups have gone through all the colours of the rainbow several times, give each student a coloured card and ask them to name the colour.
5. Introduce a new colour each time, continuing the process until all the colours have been covered.
6. When each colour has been learned, have the students take turns finding a colour on their coloured cards in the rainbow.
7. As a reward, allow each student to choose a colour with which to decorate the rainbow.