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  1. Assign each student to one of the political views and ask them to research it thoroughly.

  2. Ask them to present their findings to the class in the form of a short presentation.

  3. Invite a local politician to come to class and present their personal political beliefs in detail.

  4. Ask each student to create a visual representation of their political view. This could include creating a poster or infographic.

  5. Assign each student to a different newspaper or magazine, to read articles/opinion pieces related to particular political views. Then, arrange a discussion in groups to compare and contrast the different perspectives.

  6. Split the class in two teams, one consisting of members for the left team and one for the right team. Ask them to debate a particular issue or policy, with each side trying to make a compelling point for their chosen political view.

  7. Have the students create a Political View Journal. Divide the journal into sections for each of the three political views and ask them to take notes following discussions or presentations, writing down the pros and cons they encountered while researching each political view.

  8. Design an activity where the students role-play a particular political debate as representatives of their assigned political view.

  9. Develop an interactive game, allowing each student to experience being in a specific political situation, where they must make decisions based on their assigned political view.

  10. Use the journal to host a class discussion between all members of the three political views, asking them to identify any common ground they can find and suggest potential solutions to problems.